Awesome CLI Apps

This is a list of some awesome CLI (command-line interface) apps.


The following list consists of enhanced versions of some basic command-line tools.

Basic Enhanced Notes
cat bat Also see my Post
cd zoxide
du dust
find fd, fzf
git lazygit, gitui, hub
grep ripgrep
ls lsd, exa
man tldr, tealdeer
sed sd
sudo sudo-rs
top bottom
tree lsd Use lsd --tree

Also see Modern Unix

Other Tools

  • cloc: a command-line tool to count codes (See GitHub)

  • chezmoi: manage your dotfiles across multiple diverse machines (See GitHub)

  • frogmounth: a TUI Markdown browser (See GitHub)

  • joshuto: a TUI file explorer (See GitHub, my post)

  • shell_gpt: talk to GPT in terminal (See GitHub)

  • tmux: a terminal multiplexer (See GitHub)

  • thefuck: an app that corrects errors in the previous commands (See GitHub)